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Welcome to RCKen Publications

Welcome to RCKen Publications. RCKen is the online name for Ken Isaac who is involved in many different aspects of Radio Control Hobbies (hence the "RC" in "RCKen"). Ken is the Forum Manager for RCUniverse.com and has been involved there for over 12 years. Part of his involvement for that website included traveling to radio control flying events and covering the event for RCU's online magazine. He has a large portfolio of events that he has covered and his outlook when covering an event is to make readers of his coverage feel like they are at the event. This is done still photography and videography of the people and planes that make up those events.

RCKen Publications takes Ken's talents to produce high quality DVD's of RC events. These DVD's include video DVD sets that bring the flying action home to viewers televisions and their computers in DVD and Blu-ray formats. Also included are Picture Slideshow's on DVD format created from still photography taken at the events. Unlike other photographers who produce similar DVD products, when a customer purchases from RCKen Publications they are granted non-commercial rights to download for personal use the pictures taken at the event. No extra charges for print quality pictures, just a simple download from our servers of the pictures you would like to print for your own use.

RCKen Publications will be adding content and services to our website here, so please check back here often to see what we have to offer.



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