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Jets Over Kentucky 2014


Celebrating it's 10th anniversary, Jets Over Kentucky has become the premier RC  Jet event in the US. And this year definitely did not disappoint. Even with a bit of bit of bad weather for the first couple of days that kept most of the planes on the ground, the event still logged over 2,500 flights for the week. This event draws the RC jet pilots from all aspects of the hobby ranging from the top pros all the way down to those just getting started in the hobby, and all are equally welcome here at the event.  The event is organized by Lewis Patton and he has worked hard to develop the event to where it is now.

RCKen Publications was on location again this year to bring the flying action to those not able to attend the event, or to those that would like to have a DVD to remember the event. We try to capture as much of the flying action as we can, as well as the other things going at the event that makes an event such as Jets Over Kentucky such as special event. We have also produced a picture slideshow DVD that was produced from still pictures taken at the event. This show runs for 116 minutes and contains well over 1,000 pictures that were taken at the the event. We tried to capture the "feel" and "flavor" of the event and bring it home to you. This includes not only pictures and videos of the planes in the air, but also the pit areas, the tents, the "opps" moments, noon shows, awards dinner, and all the other things that make Jets Over Kentucky one of the greatest RC events in the US.

When you purchase the picture DVD we also grant you the rights to download pictures from our website for your own personal use. We realize that many people like to print out the pictures of these planes, and we give you that ability with your purchase of the picture slideshow DVD. Each DVD product is priced at $23, or both can be purchased for $40. See below to purchase your copies of Jets Over Kentucky video and slideshow DVD's

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Video DVD

Our video DVD for Jets Over Kentucky 2013 is a 2-disc set that contains 4 hours of flying videos. Contained on the disc are individual flights of many jets at the event, montage videos, onboard camera videos, "Scale Smackdown", and much more from Jets Over Kentucky 2013. The price for this 2-disc set is $25, which includes shipping to US addresses (add $10 for foreign orders). Add $2 for Blu-ray discs.

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Video DVD 2-disc set

Picture Slideshow DVD

Our picture slideshow DVD for Jets Over Kentucky 2014 contains over 1,000 images from the event that cover all aspects of the event. The slideshow is 111 minutes in length that is set to music for your viewing enjoyment. The price for this DVD is $23, which includes shipping to US addresses (add $10 for foreign orders). Also included in the price is access to our download servers which allow you to download images from the disc for non-commercial use. Add $2 for Blu-ray discs.

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Slideshow DVD


Combo Package

Order our combo package which includes both the video DVD and the picture slideshow DVD. Price for the combo package is $45. Purchase includes download of pictures for non-commercial use. Price includes shipping to US addresses (add$10 for foreign orders). Add $2 for Blu-ray discs.

Combo Video/Slideshow DVD set



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